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Teckonnect powered by TrafficStack

End-to-end digital workflow

Workflow automation with TrafficStack can significantly streamline processing of traffic and parking sign as well as minor capital works by letting engineers and installation teams (including external contractors) to easily view, edit and comment on any work request.

TrafficStack software is a one stop shop for all of the sign management, parking zones, traffic data, crash stats analysis and minor capital works management for any local government across Australia.

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TrafficStack Features
  • Parking Sign builder with unlimited combinations of parking signs
  • Location based signs (parking, regulatory, advisory and custom) and minor capital works management (workflow and asset data capture)
  • Management of Traffic Data collection (tube counts, turning movements, pedestrian, school crossing counts and cycling counts)
  • Traffic data and SCATS data analysis
  • Customised crash stats dashboard for your municipality
  • Smart parking management
  • Public interface for parking data
  • Location based traffic and drainage customer action requests management
  • WMS and WMTS service for your latest aerial imagery