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MS Azure – Cloud Storage

Safeguard your data with a hosted disaster recovery solution

If the disaster strikes your IT infrastructure, will you be ready?

You have seen the headlines. When organisations like yours suffer a disruption, the costs can be staggering – up to $1.5 million per hour in some cases. Recent studies show that organisations experience up to four major disruptions annually. If a disruption prevents you from meeting customer needs or brings you out of compliance with government regulations, the impacts on your business can be even more significant and far-reaching.

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Our hosted business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery (DR) solution safeguards your data and applications.

Our hosted solution combines Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR), Microsoft Azure Backup, and Microsoft System Centre Data Protection Manager (DPM) to create a best-in-class DR offering – one that allows you to recover from disruptions in minutes, with minimal data loss. We can help you meet these common challenges of disaster recovery.

  • If A Disruption Occurs, Our Azure Based DR Solution Will Get You Back In Business In Minutes, With Near-Zero Data Loss.

Keep your data and applications safe and secure with our cloud based DR solution.

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Drop us a line at We will show you how our secure, reliable, and cost-efficient DR solution can safeguard your organisation’s sensitive data.