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Corporate Performance Management

Teckonnect’ s Automation model Powered by world-class tools Links Management Disciplines such as Strategy Oriented Performance Management, Risk Operations, Project Management, Operations cum Process Excellence within a Single view to Provide the context needed to make the right Business Decisions.

The best way to monitor, measure, and continually improve an organization’s business performance is to have reliable software that keeps everyone in the organization connected. Teckonnect’ s Preferred Performance Management solutions enable organizations worldwide to foster productive communication, empower employees, share information, delegate tasks, provide feedback, distribute appraisals, encourage employee engagement, carry out training programs, instil uniform processes across all departments, manage project risk, and provide visibility into project progress for all stakeholders.

Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management Automation

Teckonnect globally delivers Performance Management Automation using world-class tools. Teckonnect’ s Tool based Performance Management automation gives customers a holistic view of their Business with a Single version of the truth. Our Digitization in the strategy office helps the organization to align their operations with the Strategy. We ensure appropriate tools are implemented for the best outcome on strategy results.

Choose your strategy frameworks that fits best for you
SWOT analysis
Analysis of employee satisfaction
Price analysis
Customer profitability analysis
Porter’s 5 forces
PEST analysis
Balanced scorecard
Value chain analysis
Activity based costing
Critical success factors
Cost-benefit analysis
Customer satisfaction analysis
Market segmentation based on customer needs and wishes
Market share analysis
Life cycle analysis
Level of service analysis
Portfolio methods
Analysis of customers complaints
Council Performance Management