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Council Performance Management

In the recent past, there has been an explosion in the amount of information collected, collated on performance management in Councils. Ability to manage an effective Council Performance Management is critical to its success. The best performance management approach in your council should provide you with insights on both the systems and the culture by which the council manages, monitors, and improve its performance indicators. We are evangelists in Council Performance Management automation and proficient in handling different reporting frameworks aligned with their local capital or Federal governments.

We are specialised experts in the Automation of different local government Strategic and Corporate planning frameworks
  • Local Government Performance Reporting Framework
  • Integrated Planning Framework
  • Local Government Performance Framework
Choose your strategy frameworks that fits best for you
SWOT analysis
Analysis of employee satisfaction
Price analysis
Customer profitability analysis
Porter’s 5 forces
PEST analysis
Balanced scorecard
Value chain analysis
Activity based costing
Critical success factors
Cost-benefit analysis
Customer satisfaction analysis
Market segmentation based on customer needs and wishes
Market share analysis
Life cycle analysis
Level of service analysis
Portfolio methods
Analysis of customers complaints
Council Performance Management

Council Case Study

Document relating to the Council Case Study