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Teckonnect powered by Volody

Volody CLM Helps In Managing Every Stage Of The Contract Lifecycle

Simplify contracting by automating contract processes, expediting legal approval time and uncovering deep insights to mitigate risk and ensure compliance, thereby creating smarter contracts on a single CLM platform that your organization’s legal teams find easy to use. Get in touch with Teckonnect.

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Workflow Features
  • Draft Contracts from Standard Templates
  • Import & Tag External Contracts
  • Multiple Contract Template Creation
  • Contract Approval Workflow
  • Customized MIS/Reports
  • Document Versioning & Audit Trail
  • Clause Library – Digital Signature
  • Track Obligations & Renewals
  • Single Sign-On
  • Active Directory Integration
AI & ML Features
  • Auto Metadata Creation
  • Risk Categorization of Clauses
  • Document Specific Keyword Search
  • Inbuilt Chatbot